Two Regulus FIT Athletes Representing Team USA

Regulus FIT athletes Austin Serpa and Austin Walton have both been selected to represent Team USA for the 2019 ISDE (International Six Day Enduro). The ISDE is the premier off-road event in the world, consisting of 10 special tests across 6 days. This year, the event takes place in Portugal from November 11th-16th.

Both athletes will travel abroad for almost the entire month of November. Coach Miles Brazil will accompany them to make sure they are mentally and physically prepared for nearly 40 hours of racing in a six day time frame.


When asked about his physical preparedness for the event, Austin Walton said,

“I remember my first day of training at Regulus FIT. It was all of my baseline testing to see where I was at with my fitness. At the time, it was an absolute beat down for me. The progress I have made in the last 7 months has put my fitness on a different level from anyone else. I’m putting everything into preparing and getting ready to race in Portugal. I have a solid bike and team behind me, and I feel my body is more ready than ever. Let's go team USA!”


Austin Serpa had similar things to say, and recognized that another benefit he has is riding the same kind of bike he rides during his season here in the United States. He says,

“I’m beyond excited to represent Team USA. I’m also honored to be on the Eric Cleveland Memorial team which is a great team for first time ISDE racers like myself. I’m also going to be racing a KTM 350xcf in Portugal.. It’s the same bike I race in WORCS, so I won’t have to get used to a new bike. My team makes sure I have everything I need for every race so it’ll be up to me to make sure my bike and my body is ready to battle throughout the 6 days. Working with Miles and Regulus FIT has moved my training to the top this year, so I know as long as I keep my body fueled properly, I should have no issues with 6 full days of racing.”


We asked Miles about the journey to Portugal, as well as training off-road racers such as Serpa and Walton.


“This sport is one of the most physical demanding sports in the world. Take those physical demands, stretch them across 6 full days of racing, combined with travel, maintaining a bike, nutritional challenges in a foreign country, time changes, etc… this is really gnarly event for these riders. One of the shocking things to me is how little investment most off-road racers are willing to make in their fitness. A less fit rider is a more vulnerable rider, and a more vulnerable rider is not going to be a champion. Both of these young men (Austin Serpa and Austin Walton) have everything it takes to be champions on the world stage. Their commitment to running their individual programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is the kind of commitment you only see at the very top of any sport. I could not be more proud of these men, and I look forward to being in Portugal with them to provide any the support necessary for their success. I am confident in their physical and mental abilities to not only get by, but thrive at this big of an event.”

Each rider has received a high level of support from their sponsors, but there is still a fairly large financial burden to travel to this event. The Austin’s are both responsible for about $10,000 each in expenses. Regulus FIT wants to support them by selling this limited edition “Fastest and Fittest” shirt, where all money raised will go directly to the riders. Please consider supporting their efforts by purchasing a shirt today!

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Miles Brazil