What Is The Kacey Fye Memorial Training Center?

The Kacey Fye Memorial Training Center Mural - Darin Stockwell, 2019

The Kacey Fye Memorial Training Center Mural - Darin Stockwell, 2019

Why is the Spanish Springs location called the Kacey Fye Memorial Training Center?

When you walk inside our location in Spanish Springs, the first thing you see is a smiling face.

This is the face of Kacey Fye, who had the most welcoming smile.

Kacey’s smiling face is the leading piece of art in a mural dedicated to him, painted by Darin Stockwell of Gold World Paint.

The mural has three elements. First, a picture of Kacey in a wetsuit, throwing up a “hang loose” hand after learning to surf for the first time. Kacey and his brother Kenny decided to take a road trip to Morrow Bay in 2010 to test their athletic skills on the water. Stoke level was high, and Kacey stood up and rode a few solid waves on a long board. His brother said he forced him out of the water to go back to the surf shop for a short board (since that is what the real surfers ride). He stayed in the water trying to get on the thing until the waves weren’t even ridable. This photo captures the passion and joy Kacey brought to every adventure — even if it was something he had never done before (and wasn’t quite the best at).

The second painting is of Kacey crossing the finish line in a local motocross race at the old Mustang track around 2010. Onboard a black and orange KTM with his now iconic “321” numberplate, Kacey rode with incredible speed and style that many of his peers (like myself) always admired. He loved racing, and he was darn good at it. Those who knew Kacey and rode with him knew how frustrating it was that he could break bones, not ride for months, yet somehow throw a leg over a bike when he was healed up and most likely go faster than the last time he rode.

The third element of the mural is a bold “321” — his racing number, and a moniker that we all now associate with him to this day. Whether its a clock striking 3:21pm, seeing “3..2..1..go!” at an event or in marketing material of some kind. Anywhere it appears, we think about Kacey. I am grateful for the constant reminder of my friend, even in the little moments where time seems to freeze for sixty seconds in remembrance of him.

Kacey tragically died on May 20, 2011. He had just turned 20 years old.

Besides surfing, racing motocross, BMX, skateboarding, photography, black labs, tattoos and all his other hobbies, he loved to work out. We all worked out at a local anytime fitness where we could go 24/7 with no concern for sleep or days off. The owners Amber and Brandon were welcoming to a bunch of young men who wanted to escape from the drama that was growing up in East Sparks. Somehow they never kicked us out for often breaking countless rules and safety guidelines, but instead encouraged our double days and cultivated a love for fitness and friendship in our lives. It was there that Kacey and I grew the closest, and for that (and many more reasons) I am grateful to them for what they provided in our neighborhood.

The legacy that was started in that local anytime fitness club on Vista Blvd helped pave the way for what Regulus FIT is today. I believe that our culture of care and our community DNA is a direct result of Kacey’s role in my life, both before and after his passing.

With the expansion of Regulus FIT into Spanish Springs it is my goal to lead and to love in a way that nobody would ever feel like they are alone or without hope in this community. Regulus is a place that desires to fill the gap for anyone and everyone who needs an ear to hear, a shoulder to cry on, a place to “work it out” or a place to simply be you. We exist as a beacon of hope and a safe refuge for all people, which I believe is what Kacey would have built with me if we were still training together today.

So, why the Kacey Fye Memorial Training Center? Because I can’t think of any other way I would want to honor Kacey’s legacy than to build a place that he would have been happy to call his home.

Park your dirt bike inside, your bro truck out front, and feel free to bring your dog (on a leash). The Kacey Fye Memorial Training Center is open on June 8th, 2019.


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